Added: Deviljho!

Release DateSeptember 6, 2018 (UTC)

Added special assignment: "The Food Chain Dominator".

  • Added: Deviljho! (Includes new Deviljho weapons, and the Vangis α and β armor sets.)
  • Added a new specialized tool: Dragonproof Mantle.

Note: Deviljho will invade 6★ quests, 7★ quests, and high rank expeditions once you have completed the investigation for the "??? Rathian" in the main story. After completing certain conditions, you will unlock the Deviljho special assignment.

Due to its enhanced metabolism, Deviljho must constantly seek out prey.
It is extremely violent, and known to flail large monsters around.

Obtain Deviljho Materials to Create and Upgrade All-New Equipment!

Vangis α

Vangis β

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