Notice Regarding "Lunastra Ticket" Completion Reward for Event Quest "When Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust"

We have confirmed an issue with the event quest "When Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust" where, if players complete the quest without applying the latest update (Ver. 5.10), the reward "Lunastra Ticket" obtained upon completion of the quest displays as "Unavailable", preventing players from being able to forge the "Lunastra γ" armor set.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

To avoid this issue, please update Monster Hunter: World to the latest version.

For players who have encountered this issue, please try the following method to retrieve your Lunastra Ticket.

Step 1: Apply update to fix "Unavailable" item to "Lunastra Ticket"

  • - Update Monster Hunter: World to Ver. 5.10.
  • - In your Item Box, under Consumable Items, confirm that the "Unavailable" item now displays as "Lunastra Ticket".
  • - To be able to use the Lunastra Ticket to forge Lunastra γ armor, the item must be moved from Consumable Items to Material Items. To do this, please follow Step 2 below.

Step 2: Move "Lunastra Ticket" to the correct storage location

  • - At your Item Box, select "Manage Items" and manually move the Lunastra Ticket to your Item Pouch.
  • - Press the OPTIONS button and equip an Item Loadout with the Lunastra Ticket in your Item Pouch. Doing so will relocate the Lunastra Ticket to your Material Items section of your Item Box.
  • - After this, make sure the Lunastra Ticket is NOT included in any Item Loadouts.
  • - Confirm that the Lunastra Ticket is in the Material Items section of your Item Box.