Adventure awaits you beyond the horizon in the New World!

Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy XIV...
The collaboration of your dreams is now a reality!

Announcing the 4th Free Title Update for Monster Hunter: World

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A fearsome beast from another world


A powerful beast from another world. Its large horns and muscular frame defy nature. Hunters will need to utilize some unique strategies to battle it.

Weapons and armor to make your hunter look like a Dragoon!

This update features special collaborative weapons and armor from FINAL FANTASY XIV! Obtain the new "Drachen" armor set, along with the "Gae Bolg" insect glaive and "Dragon Soul" Kinsect, to look just like a Dragoon!

New Palico equipment will make your Palico look just like a moogle!

Palico Armor Set: Moogle α

Cactuars, too?!

Cactuars are appearing on the scene, as well—and they can even be used as environmental traps! You might even run into cactuar cuttings or flowering cactuar cuttings!

4th Free Update

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